MPORTANT NOTE:  Spirit contact has potential to connect you with something which has less than friendly intentions.  This is a risk that we all take when investigating the paranormal.  However, we can mitigate this risk by employing the attitude of respect and positive intention to our investigations.

Individuals can choose to use spiritual protection measures if they wish.  Your own spiritual belief will dictate what you choose in terms of spiritual protection.  If you don’t believe in God then wearing a crucifix or praying to him won’t work.  It needs to be something you spiritually align with as intention and energy is what makes this type of protection work.


Beautiful and wonderful technology!  It’ has been improving out lives for centuries and, in terms of paranormal investigation, we now have a plethora of equipment to choose from when we investigate.

The main reason investigators use the high tech method over the no-low tech method is the desire to scientifically validate paranormal activity.  Technology doesn’t lie to us.  An activated REM Pod isn’t lying when its alarm is activated because the EMF field it generates is broken.  The motion sensor light isn’t activated by thin air.  This means technology provides a more trusted means of providing us with paranormal evidence because you cannot dispute the activation of the equipment.  HOWEVER, and this is a big one, equipment can provide false readings. 

The equipment could be faulty, it could be over sensitive, it could be damaged in some way, all of these things mean the equipment could still provide us with false positives in terms of evidence.  That is why when we use equipment we must ensure it is in good working order.  When a device is activated we need to try and replicate what could have triggered it in order to rule out natural reasons for activation before we jump to paranormal explanations.

Objectivity when investigating is very important.  As is looking for a logical explanation before jumping to a paranormal one.  We love to debunk alleged paranormal activity.  It can be incredibly satisfying to find a logical explanation to a situation, and it can provide the person experiencing the alleged activity with immense relief. 

Types of Equipment

There is a huge range of equipment available to use on investigations. Our Investigative Equipment page covers the devices and their uses in detail.

Visual equipment

Cameras and video cameras are used to capture visual evidence of spirit activity and to record other devices being used to capture activity.  Cameras can be modified to allow it to capture images in infrared and ultraviolet light, (IR or full spectrum). 

We often set up a full spectrum video camera to record REM pods and trigger objects in order to capture the activation of these devices.  This allows us to review and analyse the evidence later on and share it with you!

Audio Equipment

From digital recorders to parabolic microphones, there is a huge range of audio equipment for use during an investigation. 

The hope is that we will record spirit voices communicating with us that we may not be able to hear with our own ears (EVP’s) or record spirit voices that we hear with our own ears (DVP’s).

We can then analyse the audio in detail later on allowing us to see if what we have captured is relevant to any questioning that took place during the investigation.

Instrumental Transcommunication Devices

ITC devices allow us to communicate with spirits.

There are many different types of devices that work in different ways, but the end result is we are provided with words or sentences that could be applicable to the location, situation and questions being asked.  

Various items of ITC equipment.

Environmental Meters

NB: Prior to diving in to the investigation, environmental meters should be used to establish a baseline reading.  These baseline readings give us a point of reference with which to compare any changes to.  

During episodes of paranormal activity our environment is often manipulated by spirit.  These changes can be observed using humidity sensors, thermometers, EMF meters, static meters and vibration sensors.  Observed changes can be analysed inline with the experienced paranormal activity which can lead to our deeper understanding of what happens when a spirit manifests or interacts with us. 

An example of this is the often reported drop in temperature when spirit is present.  Using a thermometer it has been documented many, many times that the temperature can drop significantly in an isolated area where paranormal activity is also experienced.   We would call a temperature difference of 3 degrees Celsius from the baseline temperature significant.  It is also worth noting that temperature doesn’t just drop, it can also rise. 

Electromagnetic Field Meters

EMF meters are used to measure ambient electromagnetic fields.  Dramatic increases in EMF have been proven to coincide with paranormal activity, leading to the belief that spirit is somehow able to manipulate EMF in order to manifest or communicate. 

EMF meters can also be used to establish where there area areas of high EMF which are caused through logical explanation, such as a plug socket or light with faulty wiring.  High EMF can cause side-effects in humans.  Sensations of being watched, paranoia, hallucinations, fatigue and headaches are some of the issues that unusually high EMF can case.  Some of these side-effects could also be indicators of paranormal activity, therefore in establishing logical explanations for areas of high EMF we are able to actually debunk alleged paranormal activity.

Static Electric Meters

Static electricity is often caused by friction but can also be caused by environmental factors such as high humidity and thunderstorms.  

It has long been reported there is a connection between static electricity and the paranormal, for example activity often increases during a thunderstorm.

Using static meters we can record and analyse any correlations between activity and static.

Prior to diving in to the investigation, environmental meters should be used to establish a baseline reading.  These baseline readings give us a point of reference with which to compare any changes to.  

Geomagnetic Field Meters

The Earth generates its own magnetic field.  Depending on the location you are in the reading could be normal, low or high.  The factors affecting the geomagnetic field can range from the type of bedrock the location is on, whether there has been meteor activity (those shooting stars have to land somewhere), water courses, tectonic activity and more.

It has been established that areas with high geomagnetic field readings often experience higher levels of paranormal activity.

A selection of various environmental meters.