IMPORTANT NOTE:  Spirit contact has potential to connect you with something which has less than friendly intentions.  This is a risk that we all take when investigating the paranormal.  However, we can mitigate this risk by employing the attitude of respect and positive intention to our investigations.

Individuals can choose to use spiritual protection measures if they wish.  Your own spiritual belief will dictate what you choose in terms of spiritual protection.  If you don’t believe in God then wearing a crucifix or praying to him won’t work.  It needs to be something you spiritually align with as intention and energy is what makes this type of protection work.


The no-low tech method was born of the spiritualist movement.  It is important to briefly cover what this movement is in order to lay the foundations for the no-low tech method.

Spiritualism is a belief that there is life after death and as such we can, and should, communicate with those who have passed because they are able to provide us with wisdom and knowledge to guide us in the “right” directions in our lives.  It is believed in moving on to the afterlife, spirits become more advanced in their knowledge, humility and wisdom than they ever could have been in their earthbound lives.  Some would describe this as ascending to an enlightened state.  

The movement first started in 1840’s America and swept through Europe, remaining popular until the 1920’s.  Mediums, those with psychic abilities, would act as the mediators between spirit and people, passing on messages, information and guidance from the sprit world.  The methods and techniques used during these spiritual sessions are still used today and form the no-low tech paranormal investigation method.   

Today Spiritualism is a recognised religion, and you will find Spiritualist Churches throughout the UK, USA and Europe.   



A séance is a communication session that takes place with two or more people trying to make contact with the spirit world.  

These can take place seated or standing, but the participants will hold hands throughout.  There are a two main reasons for this: 1 – There is a need to connect each individuals energies physically to enhance the energies available for spirit to draw from.  2 – If you have chosen to use spiritual protection the physical connection allows you to keep this protection in place, letting go of hands – also called breaking the circle – breaks the protection and could have adverse effects on the participants.  

During the séance participants will try to establish connection with the spirit world in the hopes to receive information or messages or witness spirit manifestation.  

Ouija Boards/Spirit Boards

These boards are designed with all the letters of the alphabet, numbers 0-9, yes and no, hello and goodbye on them.  Participants place a fingertip on a planchette or glass and request spirits present to move the planchette to spell out words or select numbers in order to answer questions.  The physical connection of the participants to the planchette or glass is imperative.  Spirits will draw on the participants energy in order to move the object.  This is entirely different from someone using their own physical strength to move the glass.  One of the reasons the use of Ouija boards is controversial in terms of gaining paranormal evidence is the easy ability to fake communication by pushing the planchette where you want it to go.  Due to this I wouldn’t undertake a session with anyone who I didn’t trust 100%. 

Thanks to media portrayal these boards have a frightening reputation.  I can speak from my own experience that if you use these boards with respect and utilise spiritual protection then your communication should be without any incident. 

Ouija Boards are marketed today as a toy.  Can you believe that!  We certainly wouldn’t recommend it as a toy.

Table Tipping

Table tipping is similar to the use of a Ouija Board.  Participants will stand, or sit, around a table with their fingertips placed on the rim of the table.  They will then request spirit communicates by moving the table, with a direction for yes and a direction for no.  

There is a risk with this method that a participant could manipulate the table and therefore “fake” the responses.  This makes it a controversial type of tool to use in an investigation.


Divination is the ancient art of predicting the future.  Scrying with water or mirrors, pendulums, tarot cards, runes, tea leaves and bones are all tools of divination. 

The theory is that spirits can communicate messages about our future to us through these tools.   Each tool has its own method of use, theology and theory behind it.  Again, it’s a controversial method of spirit communication because you are relying on the reader/medium/practitioner to be honest in the conveyance of the message.  All to often there are fraudulent readers out there and they have given us a bad name in general.  

For more information on Tarot, head over to our sister site, Capricorn Tarot & Reiki Healing.  

Capricorn Tarot & Reiki Healing

The Controversy of No-Low Tech methods

The reason the use of no-low tech methods of investigation are considered controversial is that the alleged communication cannot be established as truthful. 

The messages conveyed could be made up by the individual speaking, the planchette or table could be moved by an individual participating consciously or subconsciously moving it, the pendulum could be moving because of muscle twitches in the persons hand or arm or airflow in to the room.  These “could be” scenarios do not sit well with the scientific principles of absolutes and validation, therefore many individuals disregard any evidence obtained by these methods of investigation.

We do personally use these methods, but we use them alongside the high-tech methods in order to try and validate the communication we receive.  We are also very objective and look to debunk the normal before jumping to any paranormal conclusions.