There are other types of spirits than human ghosts.  These spirits will have never held a human form.  

Although Demons are non-human entities, we will cover this in its own section as it is a large area to explore.


Elementals are a spirit entity that are said to be as old as the earth itself.  They have never held human form and activity can range from being mildly mischievous to dangerous. They can be difficult to deal with as they are attached to the very fabric of the land of the location.    


Many people believe that they have encountered angels and have angel guides.  They appear to these people in times of difficulty, in a similar way to a spirit manifestation, and provide guidance and warning to the individual. 

Angels appear in religious systems, cultures and mythology across the world.  It isn’t just linked to a Christian belief. 

These benevolent beings have a hierarchical  structure, with Arch Angels being leaders.  


Animals have consciousness like humans do, albeit not the same level of conscious intelligence.  

Reports of spirit apparitions are very common.  We have experienced this for ourselves, seeing one of our pets after they had passed away.