Introducing the Para-Knowledge Portal

Here at PKB Towers we have had a busy week building The Para-Knowledge Portal.

We aren’t experts of the paranormal, (who truly is), but we are experienced paranormal investigators.  It is this experience which has provided us with knowledge, hands on practice and broadened our horizons.  

Our goal has always been to share as much information with others as we can, whether that is evidence from our investigations or information that we have learned.

The Para-Knowledge portal is a hub designed to help expand  knowledge and understanding of various paranormal theories, types of paranormal activity and paranormal investigation.

Why create The Para-Knowledge Portal?

We wanted to create an area where we could share as much information and knowledge as possible with anyone who wants to know more about the paranormal.  The more people interested in the field, the more we will have investigating.  The more investigations there are the more chance we have of obtaining answers, and that is what we all want.

Sometimes information around the paranormal is spread across so many different places it is hard to just gain a general overview of a subject.  It’s easy to understand why this is the case, there are so many facets of the paranormal to explore, each having a multitude of theories to it as well as history, religion and mythology behind it.  The paranormal is quite literally a very deep rabbit hole that you can easily get lost in.  

We also feel that knowledge is power and it is the responsibility of those with knowledge to pass it on to others.  Knowledge isn’t a commodity to hoard and keep hidden from the masses.  The field of the paranormal has often been shrouded in secrecy and mystery and by getting this information out there we hope to change the perception that the study of the paranormal is only for the strange and crazy.

As we continue on our own paranormal journey we will continue to add to the portal when we come across new methods, theories and equipment. 

Some of the subjects explored in the Para-Knowledge Portal

We hope you enjoy the content within The Para-Knowledge Portal.

Kirsty & Paul

PKB Paranormal  


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