What is The Paranormal

The subject of the Paranormal is vast.  Many people just think “ghosts” when we talk about the paranormal.  In fact it encompasses so much more.  In order to delve in to the subject further it is best to first understand the definition of the word “paranormal”.

The Oxford Dictionary definition of paranormal is as follows:  

Paranormal: adjective

  1. That which cannot be explained by science or reason and that seems to involve mysterious forces. SYNONYM supernatural

The Paranormal: noun [singular] 

  1. Events or subjects that are paranormal. SYNONYM supernatural
    • an interest in the paranormal

As you can see, the term paranormal covers any event that mainstream science or reason is unable to explain. 

Part of our desire as Paranormal Investigators, speaking collectively, is to try and prove to mainstream science that paranormal activity can be measured and so cannot just be dismissed as not existing.