The Field of Paranormal Research

The field of paranormal research is a little bit of a battle ground.  

The biggest problem the paranormal field faces is that there is no way to conduct experiments in the same way as you would for mainstream science.  In mainstream science you would prove a hypothesis by way of a scientific experiment where each step is recorded in detail.  Once the result is obtained the experiment would be repeated over and over again with exactly the same parameters in order to obtain the exact same result, therefore confirming the hypothesis is correct and can be established as fact.

Paranormal research cannot be experimentally tested in the way research is in mainstream science.  As investigators we know only too well that you will not obtain evidence every single time in the exact same conditions, even within seconds or minutes of activity happening.

This inability to produce results every single time despite using the exact parameters as used previously means, as far as mainstream science is concerned, the paranormal simply cannot exist. It is not able to be proven as fact.  It is not formed from a hypothesis proven by scientifically accepted experimentation which produces results every time.

Another factor mainstream science uses to “disprove” the paranormal is that much of the paranormal activity is not deemed possible within the realms of physics, biology or chemistry.  This is despite quantum physics providing us with some tantalising glimpses in to how some paranormal phenomena could be explained. 

Many researchers and investigators are putting great time and effort in to developing scientific methods of evidence capture, as well as delving in to scientific theories and paradigms to explain how paranormal phenomena is able to occur.  There are some fantastic engineering minds building equipment that we can use to validate and capture paranormal activity such as visual technology, detection meters, environmental meters and audio tools. 

I really hope with time and persistence we will see paranormal research become accepted in mainstream science in the future.

Our Attitude to Paranormal Research

We want to do the best we can in contributing to paranormal research.

We do this by capturing as much evidence as we can using a huge range of tools.  See the Equipment page for an overview of our equipment.  There is an array of technical equipment available to investigators now which enables all of us to capture evidence and catalogue it.