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Enjoy the spooky goings on from our many investigations!  From visual anomalies to EVP’s we have captured a range of paranormal phenomena.

Fort Amherst, Chatham, Kent.

Fort Amherst is one of our favourites to investigate. One of the strangest things we have captured on video is the curtain across the old toilet cubicles in the bunk area.  This video was taken on 31 October 2020, which was Halloween, a full moon and a blue moon to boot!  

Someone has suggested this could be a zephyr spirit, but who knows!

Fort Amherst – The Curtain

Slough Fort, Allhallows, Kent.

Slough fort is a little gem of a location.  One of our  Ghost Hunt Event guests, Rebecca Luker, captured this photograph showing an anomaly stood in front of a man.  I created 2 versions of the image, one with 100% saturation and one with an inverted filter.  You can see clearly a childlike figure.  This tied in with the communication we were getting from the Ouija board and Ovilus’.

Red Lion, Colchester, Essex.

The Red Lion was build in 1465 and has seen its fair share of history, including hosting Oliver Cromwell’s meetings during the Civil War.  This “swirl”, (captured in room 10), has to be one of my favourites. 

Using an ordinary point and click camera I took some photos with the flash on in the pitch black.  You will see that there is a very strange light anomaly on the ceiling which looks like a swirl of light or smoke.

Red Lion Swirl
Red Lion Swirl zoom

We also captured a strange light anomaly, which reminded me of the outline of an arm and elbow.  Have a look at the footage below.

Red Lion Anomaly

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